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Mentors Transform People’s Lives. Becoming a Christian mentor, is a powerful way of exerting a life-on-life influence on people so that they can be transformed. It works-even in the secular realm.

Here’s the evidence:

  • Mentoring works in business: 71% of companies surveyed said that mentoring is a key way they make learning occur in their organizations.
  • Mentoring works for “at risk” youth. Mentored youth have better attendance, a better chance of going on to higher education, better attitudes towards school, stronger ability to avoid substance abuse, more positive social attitudes and relationships, and greater trust of, and communication with, parents, positive peers and adult figures.

Omaha Gives!

Omaha Gives! is a 24-hour online giving event organized by the Omaha Community Foundation to grow philanthropy in Douglas, Sarpy, and Pottawattamie counties. The goal is to inspire the community to come together for 24 hours to give as much as possible to support the work of public 501c3 nonprofits in the metro area. The minimum donation is $10 and there is no maximum. Bonus dollars and prizes amplify charitable donations to make each dollar go farther.

at-risk youth


  • Each year, over 6,000 juveniles are arrested in the Omaha area for crimes from shoplifting to murder.
  • Last year 1489 youth spent time at the Douglas County Youth Center at an average cost of $176 per day, totaling $64,240 annual- ly per individual.
  • Every day over 800 youth are in state super- vised prisons and detention centers.
  • Between 1500 and 2000 youth are in private/ non profit out-of-home facilities around the state.
  • Nebraska has the third highest out-of-home placement rate in the nation.
  • The average cost of an individual being housed in a group home is $275 per day, totaling $100,375 annually.
  • Daily cost of an individual being in DCYF is $184.24 per day, totaling $67,247 annually.

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